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What Happens to Your Brain During Recovery?

woman practices meditation for addiction recovery

A lot happens to your brain during the use of a substance and the recovery from the substance. There are changes that occur in your brain and its systems during substance use. Luckily, though, your brain can recover. It takes time and effort to enter into recovery, but you can do it. Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here for you. Here are a few points about the brain and addiction:

Addiction Is Similar to Other Diseases

Addiction is a chronic disease and, much like other chronic diseases, it changes the body and brain. For example, with cardiovascular disease, there is damage to the heart and there is less activity in the brain. This is similar to addiction, where there are changes in the brain and its systems. If left untreated, both cardiovascular disease and addiction can last throughout a person’s lifetime. However, these particular chronic diseases are also preventable and treatable.

Substances Trick the Brain’s Reward System

Joy and pleasure are a part of your daily life. If you do something that brings you joy and pleasure, your brain learns to crave those feelings by releasing dopamine, a neurotransmitter in your brain. This is also done when someone uses a substance. Your brain gets used to the amount of substance released, and it craves more. You must use more and more of the substance to achieve the same reward. This makes you increase your dose.

Over Time, the Brain Can Recover

Luckily, the brain is adaptable and can recover. We know this by studying brain scans from people who have addictions. Although it takes more than a year, the brain scans of people in recovery return to “normal” in terms of the dopamine levels in the reward center of the brain.

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here for you during the difficult time of recovery. We want you to know that you can recover. It may be difficult, but things can go back to “normal.” Call us today at (844) 413-2690. We want to hear from you and help get you started on your road to recovery today. Call our trained and experienced staff. You won’t be disappointed.