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The Myth of Good Wine

woman drinks wine at fancy dinner

For many people who have considered giving up drinking, the question often arises, “But what about my wine?”  Wine is a beverage with so many connotations. Drinking wine is supposed to make you feel classy, sexy, and even educated.  There are wine tastings held for professional mixers, weddings that take place in vineyards, and classes to teach you how to pair the right wine with your food.  While any professional wine connoisseur will tell you that every hint and note matters when it comes to wine, research suggests that the way we taste wine actually has a lot to do with psychology.  Once you begin to realize that all the excitement around wine is a bit of a ruse, it is much easier to let go of the romanticized idea of wine and drop the booze altogether. A study conducted in 2001 tested the accuracy of wine experts by asking them to describe two identical glasses of white wine, one of which had been dyed to look like red.  These professionals described the drinks as though they were two entirely different wines. They were then given two identical wines with different labels, one disguised as an expensive, award-winning bottle, the other with a label indicating a cheap alternative.  The experts again described the wines very differently, praising the expensively labeled bottle and criticizing the wine dressed as a lower quality choice. This study proved that even people who have been extensively trained to analyze and critique wine are unable to genuinely differentiate between two options under psychologically swaying circumstances. Wine is often used as a status symbol, and knowledge of wine may be considered impressive in some settings.  While it can be difficult to escape the social pressure of wine snobbery, understanding that it is all an illusion will give you the upper hand around wine drinkers.  Giving up wine and the status surrounding it can be difficult, but it helps to know that you will have a better grasp on reality by not continuing to buy into the wine myth.  

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