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Stop Trying to Be Perfectly Sober and Start Embracing Your Own Imperfections

woman participates in sobriety support group

Do not be fooled. Sobriety is not some magical potion. It does not make everything perfect. When you start to realize this, you can begin to embrace your own imperfections, rather than try to keep trying to be perfect, clean, and without a thought in your mind about substances. Giving yourself permission to be imperfect may be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Be Yourself

All relationships come with a tinge of regret and disappointment. Even when we think we have given our best, perhaps we realize that will never be good enough. There are a few ways to love other people gracefully with all our imperfections along with others as well. It starts with being who you are, and not worrying about whether you are someone else or trying to be like them. These tips can help us see things in a new light, perhaps in a way we haven’t before.

  • Accept the messiness of our humanness. Sometimes we make mistakes and need help. When we accept imperfections in others we learn to love them anyways. Compassionate kindness comes from understanding our own messiness along with that of our fellow human travelers.
  • Use weakness as strength. There is only one person like yourself. The good and bad sides of this all contribute to being unique, but also make it challenging because of all the past experiences, hurts, and mistakes that are also part of you. When we look at our choices to understand what we are made of, we can learn to improve or understand how certain weaknesses can actually be strengths.
  • Be sure of your direction. There are ways to change pathways and course but certain decisions we make regarding which we move come from personal moral choices we make. Stay true to who you are and what feels right within yourself. You cannot predict the road the journey will take you on but you control your feet. Take steps that move you forward. Even if you are not perfect, you can be confident in where you are headed.
  • Laugh at yourself. You work in a demanding job yet life is short and you can only control what is in front of you. You have the choice to laugh or cry. When you choose to laugh, you’re choosing joy. It may not feel you can do everything for all people but you have to learn to laugh at yourself and laugh at how life can be sometimes.

Sometimes, embracing our flaws, being vulnerable, and being true to ourselves is a cornerstone of being real. Having flaws and learning to evolve into a better person is part of human nature. We can become amazingly perfect in our imperfections when we stop focusing on how to be perfect everyday all day and start to embrace how to live with everything we have in front of us.

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