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How Do I Find the Right Interventionist?

woman meets with interventionist

The last person to admit they are in need of rehab is the person with addiction. Loved ones, friends, and even coworkers may know or suspect something is wrong but the best choice may be to have a trained interventionist step in to assist.

What Interventionists Do

Interventionists have an intimate understanding of what is required for successful recovery from substance use disorders or process addictions. An interventionist will identify key people in a person’s life in order to form a support team. Each member of this team receives clear guidance about their role from the interventionist. The initial object of the support team is to convince the person with addiction to enter rehab. This support team gathers together to help them deal with the situation. THe support team not only desires to help but plans to be ready to put everything into action. The process sounds straightforward, but many things have to coordinate and tactics must be avoided in order for the intervention to work.

Finding an Interventionist

The best interventionists have extensive education and training in the field of addiction recovery. The main credential for a person to have is a CIP (Certified Intervention Professional). You can look for and verify one or more of the following credentials:

  • Member of Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS)
  • Member of the Network of Independent Interventionists (NII)
  • Board Registered Interventionist (BRI-I or BRI-II)
  • Counseling degree (MS or PhD level)
  • Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC)
  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC)
  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

When interviewing, be sure to ask each potential interventionist about their methods, how long they’ve been an interventionist, and for references. The important thing is to work with someone that is trusted and seems to have an organized demeanor. In order to find the best fit, it takes time to find a good match by doing research and interviewing. Don’t settle just on one person right away, be sure to find the one that seems most suited to handle your situation and the loved one with whom you are looking to host the intervention. It could, after all, save your life.

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