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Risks of Playdate Drinking

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Women are drinking at higher rates than ever before, and mothers are no exception.  Drinking is sometimes considered an essential part of motherhood, touted as life’s solution to being overworked and overwhelmed.  Women sometimes encourage other mom friends to drink alcohol in social circles, perpetuating what is not commonly referred to as “wine-mom culture”.  There are many concerning and downright dangerous aspects of this behavior, especially considering the normalization of playdate drinking. Moms routinely gathering for playdates with their young children while becoming intoxicated creates many risks for the children, as well as the mothers. One of the most immediate ways playdate drinking can become dangerous is when moms, or parents in general, aren’t as aware of their surroundings due to alcohol use.  Even one or two drinks can slow down observational skills and reflexes, making it possible for children to wander off unnoticed. It is common for parents to drink at pool parties, and this may lead to child endangerment.  Every year children drown within arm’s reach of adults, simply because the adults were socializing or otherwise distracted. Parents who drink at playdates are also much more likely to drink and drive with their children in the car, risking their own lives and their children’s in the process.   Motherhood has never been easy, and women today face extreme pressure to uphold their careers, homes, and parenting duties flawlessly.  Many women feel that alcohol is the treat they deserve, or that drinking during playdates is the only way to have any adult fun when caring for little ones.  Unfortunately, this behavior often leads to addiction, as well as other alcohol-induced health problems. Perhaps worst of all, drinking makes being present with your kids nearly impossible, and sometimes puts them in harm’s way.  It is critical for mental health and wellbeing that mothers take time for themselves, but there are plenty of other ways to relax and unwind without alcohol.

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