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Residential Treatment Centers Houston, TX

What would you do if you or someone you loved became addicted to alcohol or drugs? You might not notice it at first, and just assume that they are having a bad day, or something is going wrong at work. But as time goes on, there’s a problem. They’re different. And as more time passes, you realize that you or that person you love has become so wrapped up inside of substance abuse that they can no longer find their own way out. That’s alright, because there is help available. When a person begins seeking treatment, residential treatment centers in Houston, TX are a good place to consider. Residential treatment centers can offer a lot more to the individual suffering from alcohol and drugs than an outpatient program can. Residential treatment is inpatient and often long-term (ranging from 30 days to 90 days and longer). Since they person is living on the ground full-time, they have access to round the clock medical care and support if they should need it. This is especially helpful during the first few weeks when the transition can be difficult when the body purges itself from drugs. The long-term stay is also another increase in their chance of maintain success because research has shown the longer a person stays in treatment, the more likely they are to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. Residential treatment also offers something that not many other types of programs can–a change in environment. Before the individual attends treatment there are constant reminders or triggers associated with their addiction to alcohol and drugs. There are also numerous objects, people, and places that can serve as triggers for the destructive behavior patterns that they have developed in their course of addiction. Trying to recover in the same settings that they got addicted can prove challenging. That is why removing them from this environment and placing them in a new one can be very helpful in their recovery process. The initial stay in the treatment center can be varied in terms of length, but good treatment centers and recovery programs will have outpatient programs following the inpatient. The outpatient program will involve a continuation of therapy and counseling, and any other treatments that the addiction specialist deems necessary. A very effective addiction treatment program would then have that followed with aftercare monitoring. Aftercare monitoring is where the person is “recovered” but still is check over once in a while by a trained specialist to make sure that they are still going strong. People without aftercare monitoring are more likely to relapse and not seek treatment. Seeking residential treatment centers in Houston, TX can be a great first step to take in your or your loved one’s road to recovery. But even if this isn’t the option for you, still seek help from another source. There isn’t a treatment method that can bring every person suffering from addiction to the other side, but there is one that can help you if you look for it.