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Reading, and Knowledge, Have Power

woman reads book

The habit of reading is pushed early on. Kids are encouraged to read because it develops words and literacy at a young age. Going to libraries is encouraged, also, to get lots of different types of books. The power of reading can build knowledge, but also connections in the brain. Neural mapping happens between the neurons in the brain that are able to logically make connections that are not possible if you don’t read as often. Find out why reading often gives power and purpose to a person’s life.

Barriers to Reading

Even though reading is powerful for people to grow and develop ideas, not everyone loves to read. There are people who are not able to read scholarly material but love to read romance books, instead or other types of literature. Some people do not value reading the same way. Those who have not graduated college may not see a correlation between reading and success. Some barriers to reading might include:

  • Time: we give our time over to electronics quite often these days. Social media and the consumption of tv or phones take up a lot of time. We feel busy but are not using it constructively. Going back to reading magazines or books helps feed the brain differently
  • Books challenge views: books, both fiction and non-fiction, challenge a person’s world views more than anything else. It is easier to veg in front of the tv than read a challenging book but maybe better for the brain in the long run
  • Starting with reading is a challenge. Not knowing where to start can stall the journey from the get-go. Don’t let it get to you. Think about what you enjoy and try to find time to enjoy it during down moments or quiet space

Develop Skills for Success

Reading takes time, but there are ways to condense reading into material that makes sense for your journey. If you want to be successful in life or your own career, you can tap into the power of book summaries online that do a ‘cliffs notes’ version. Successful skills are those that transfer and help you build a business or master something you’ve been wanting to do better. Try instead some of the following ideas:

  • Listen to podcasts. There are lots of national public radio podcasts, BBC and other international radio programs that broadcast online. Capture those while cleaning or working around the house to listen to insightful commentary and feel engaged
  • Read shorter books or articles. Look for people who love to read and ask for recommendations. Go to librarians and bookstores. They will help you source good books that are quick reads and give you some great insights
  • Self-improvement starts with knowledge. When you choose to read books, you are looking at ways of improving your life and of those around you. Be an influence to yourself and others in a positive way by being willing to learn new things and try something different

There is no one way to go about this journey of learning. If you love reading, go for it. If not, try something else for a time. Spend time working with yourself to decide how you want to be successful. If you can be successful reading a book a month, do that. Start with small goals and work your way up. You may be surprised you learn about yourself on the journey.

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