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Problems With Drug Addiction Affects Everyone

Drug addiction has become a fast spreading disease among youth. One cannot blame only them, as society itself is also responsible. The fast paced life and the pressure to succeed that they face in every step of their existence leads to stress, trauma, sleeplessness and depression that no previous generation had to face. It is often through friends that children become trapped in the world of drugs. The problems with drug addiction are so vast that it they affect everyone and can totally ruin a life, no matter how healthy, wealthy, or educated they are. Unfortunately everyone loves company and those with a drug addiction are no different. Many addicts find it thrilling to drag others into drug use, while some entice others to become addicts as a source of income. The original addict then becomes the supplier and has a continual fund to support his own addiction. In other cases they receive a commission from the drug supplier for introducing new customers to this deadly product. Drug addiction is not only viral in nature, it is deadly. Every day their are countless cases of overdosing deaths, it has become so common that it rarely makes the news. The problems with drug addiction are too many to be numbered. With many drugs, especially the new designer drugs, a person can get addicted with the first few doses. It takes only minutes to get addicted, but for many it can take years to recover. The life of a person begins to change once the drug starts to take over their body. If they were sociable and friendly, they frequently become withdrawn and reclusive, formerly friendly people become irritable. It can also go in the reverse; a formerly shy and quiet person becomes exuberant and outgoing. Drug addiction changes a person, for some the changes are slow and subtle, others change almost overnight. Basic survival instinct such as hunger and thirst are over-ridden by the desire for the substance of addiction. It is because of this that many addicts become weak and pale. Their poor eating habits lead to further health issues. A drug addict is affected mentally. Many people realize the mistake they have made, but are forced to remain within the pit created by their addiction because they cannot fight their bodies desire for the addictive substance. That is why many of them cry bitterly about their ruined lives; they see their past as a world they can never return to. Knowing about the problems with drug addiction is the first step. Once it is known family members, friends or even the addict themselves can seek help. There are facilities and people who specialize in helping with drug addiction. They will start the first steps towards detoxification and aid them on their way to recovery. Their expert assistance will help with the vital process of withdrawal. There are people who know what it is like as they or someone they know has been down the road of addiction. With their assistance and the support of family and friends everyone can recover from drug addiction.