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Private Addiction Treatment

Due to the incredible rise in the rates of addiction all across the United States and even around the world, there is a great need for effective drug treatment programs. There are many different types of drug addiction treatment programs, and one of the many types of treatment that is available for drug addictions and substance abuse issues is private addiction treatment. A private addiction treatment center usually places a great emphasis on confidentiality, security and privacy and often provides luxury amenities that are typically found in high end resorts and exclusive spas so that clients can receive addiction treatment while being pampered in comfortable, and serene surroundings and also while not having to worry about word “getting out” that they are enrolled in an addiction treatment program. Many private addiction treatment centers take a holistic approach to therapy when treating their clients and include therapies such as organic meals, acupuncture, yoga and meditation and many other different therapies to help clients to learn how to deal with the stresses of life without returning to abusing drugs or other harmful substances. Many traditional treatments such as detox, individual and group counseling, support group meetings, dual diagnosis, equine assisted therapy, art therapy and many more treatments designed to assist clients in the addiction treatment process are also offered at these types of drug rehab facilities. Private addiction treatment centers are often never advertised in the media and are normally located in upscale areas in wealthy enclaves and their clients normally include celebrities, famous political or business figures and similar persons of interest. The privacy needs of the very wealthy and famous are often valid, as many of them, particularly celebrities, often have to face crowds of fans that demand the celebrities’ attention. This can be an unwanted and detrimental distraction to their efforts at beginning the process of recovery from addiction. For this reason alone, it is really beneficial to these sorts of clients to receive private addiction treatment. Also, since there still exists a great deal of discrimination and false beliefs about addiction, it can truly be in the best interests of preserving one’s livelihood to be able to receive addiction treatment and be truly anonymous. While it is certainly true that these facilities place a great emphasis on the privacy, security, comfort and confidentiality of their clients, many of the treatments and therapies used at these types of centers are the same or very similar to the treatments that are offered at standard addiction treatment facilities. The goal of all addiction treatment centers is to help the client deal with the withdrawal symptoms of the drug so that they are no longer physically addicted and then to deal with the root causes that underlie their psychological addiction. Through education and support many addicts are able to break free from their addictions and reclaim their lives, regardless of the level of physical comfort or even privacy that is provided by any given treatment center.