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Neuroscience in Rehab

Advancing technology has offered the clinical therapy world a new treatment method that will help see how the addict’s brain is reacting while undergoing treatment. This treatment method uses Neurological feedback in a way that allows the addict to learn how to manipulate their way of thinking by seeing their brainwaves. When participating in this type of treatment, the addict learns the best emotional state to focus on while sober in order to recover fully without fear of relapse. Neurological feedback is customized to the addict’s individual needs. There is potential with this type of treatment that not only can it help addiction but also improves other areas such as self-esteem, work, home life and social interactions. Neurological feedback also helps with expanding one’s concentration level. Neurological feedback is not limited to addicts but also individuals who struggle with ADD/ADHD, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, autism, learning disabilities, depression and many other types of disorders or injuries. As you can see using neuroscience in addiction treatment is creating new and effective ways to treat addiction and prevent relapse.