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Definition of Addiction

The definition of addiction is the act of an individual developing either a physical and/or psychological need for any substance, activity, object, or action that the individual obsessively pursues despite the consequences. When a person becomes addicted, changes take place both physically and mentally within the brain, particularly the rewards center to the brain, which makes it difficult for the person to just quit using the substance, activity, object or action, even when they may really wish to stop. Addiction touches the lives of millions all over the world, as it damages various organs and destroys relationships, resulting in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects on the individual. Many sufferers get to the point in their addiction that they do not believe that they can let go of the addiction and that they cannot have a better life, so they resign themselves to the misery and destruction that their lifestyle brings to them. Some are too ashamed of their behavior to seek treatment or they are afraid of losing their jobs or friends if they seek help. Still others convince themselves that if they do have a problem it is something that they can manage and can walk away from at any time that they aren’t really addicted. Still others know that their addiction is destroying them but the compulsion and cravings are so overwhelming that they feel they cannot stop using and have a better life. Oftentimes,  individuals are powerless to break free from any particular addiction without professional help. Due to the vast toll that addiction takes on every aspect of the life of the addict, including their body, mind and spirit, as well as the effects of addiction on the family, friends, loved ones, co-workers and society as a whole, there is a great need for addiction treatments and addiction rehabilitation centers to help addicts in their fight over addiction. There are many different types of addiction and can be anything from addiction to alcohol, drugs such as opiates or amphetamines, or behaviors such as gambling and over-eating. Just as the effects of addiction are numerous and unpredictable, and just as there are a vast assortment of different types of addiction and substances and behaviors that can be addictive, there is also a wide variety of different treatments and rehab facilities that can treat all of the different types of addiction. Regardless of what type of addiction that you have, regardless of your age, gender, social-economic class, or cultural background, there is an effective treatment plan available for almost everyone that sincerely makes the effort to fight their addiction. Anyone can improve their life and have a better life if they will be honest with themselves and secure treatment and be determined to commit each day to doing what is necessary to obtain freedom from addiction. With treatment there is hope for a better life for addicts free from addiction.