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Mornings Made Manageable

woman does yoga in morning

There are going to be times in your recovery where your eyes open in the morning and you dread getting out of bed. Maybe the day before was taxing physically or emotionally or maybe you didn’t get quite as much sleep as you’d like, but these days it feels like you can’t possibly do anything but hit the snooze and keep the world at bay for a few more minutes. A healthy routine that helps you wake up well on a daily basis can make those hard days a little less challenging. One key is to get up and get moving, says Kate Bennett for Wellness Journal magazine. Wondering how you’re supposed to follow that advice?

Prepare for Your Day the Night Before

For those of us that struggle to get out of bed in the morning, we often feel stress as a result of hitting snooze a few too many times and ending up pressed for time. In order to avoid feeling rushed, it’s a good idea to prepare your things the night before. Set a reoccurring alarm on your phone so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to set your alarm. Lay your clothes out, prep for breakfast and pack your lunch, and get work or school bag together the night before so that everything is ready for you. The more routine and approachable your morning is the less stressful your morning can be. This also gives you space for those unpredictable moments like coffee spilled on a shirt or a dead battery in your car.

Breathe in the Start of the Day

While we’re asleep, we need less oxygen because we are resting, Bennett reports. This can lead our breathing to become shallow. Try to build the habit of taking some big deep breaths first thing after you wake up. Another way to do this is to yawn deeply, so if you’re still feeling groggy let your body do what comes naturally. This brings in an ample amount of oxygen to your brain and body, which helps you wake up. The more quickly you’re awake makes for a quicker start to the day.

Move Your Body to Wake Your Brain

Getting your heart rate up and kick-starting your brain is the next step in the morning. Engage your core muscles by lifting your legs in bed or do an activity that will help your brain problem-solve. You can start these activities before you even leave the covers, which will make it easier to eventually do so. This helps to wake up your body and brain and get ready for the day. 

Wake Your Spine With a Stretch

Stretching is a great way to wake yourself up in the morning. Reaching your arms over your head wakes up your spine and the rest of your body. Stretching out helps increase blood flow and brings oxygen to your muscles, which makes being up and moving around easier. You can avoid moving in slow motion until your body catches up by finding a quick stretch routine that works for your body.

“Five ways to wake up happy” from Kate Bennett

  1. Assess your alarm
  2. Think about gratitude
  3. Stop snoozing
  4. Activate airplane mode
  5. Try not to look at your phone before you go to sleep

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you wake up happy. We can give you the tools to do so. Call us today at 844-413-2690 for more information about how we can help you. We can’t wait to speak with you!