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Millennials and Substance Abuse

millenial man deals with substance abuse

The current generation of young adults, typically thought of as those born between the years of 1981 and 1996, are known as millennials. This generation faces may unique challenges, including economic and societal factors that may contribute to a slow progression into adulthood, a lack of independence, and poor mental health. Young adults have always been at an increased risk of substance abuse compared to other groups due to cultural reasons and their lack of family responsibilities. However, now that millennials are facing economic hardship and settling down later in life, they are especially susceptible to using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate when faced with the pressures of adulthood.

How Millennials Differ

While the traditional job path was once fairly straightforward, it is no longer a simple and direct option available to most young adults. The concept of graduating from college, finding an entry-level job with great benefits, and working your way up within a company to begin making more money and living a comfortable, middle-class life is a dream that many millennials find out of their reach. Instead, many individuals in this generation find themselves working multiple minimum wage jobs or side-gigs after college, while also weighed down with immense student loan debt they are unable to pay off. This common situation can cause many young adults to live at home with their parents far longer than what was once considered traditional, and in doing so, lose their independence and self-esteem.

The Effects Millennials Face

This loss of an independent adult identity coupled with the financial strain faced by many millennials can cause symptoms of anxiety and depression. Without a career or a family of their own to feel obligated towards, many millennials turn to drugs or alcohol use to cope with their stressful situations. In doing so, it is common for millennials to develop addictions, only further complicating their lives and making establishing independence nearly impossible without seeking help to get sober.

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