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Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is considered a gateway to harder drugs. This is why, although marijuana is considered a lesser evil, it is still a drug to be cautious of. Marijuana addiction starts like any other addiction with sparse use, but quickly turns into a daily habit. Supporting a marijuana addiction can be expensive, but not as expensive as other drugs. Many people who smoke marijuana do so several times a day to maintain a consistent high. Because of the constant need to maintain the high, marijuana users will sometimes graduate to growing their own. While marijuana can actually be found growing in nature, the consequences for growing marijuana can be severe. Just having possession of marijuana can be a misdemeanor. If you are caught with a lot of marijuana on you – usually over an ounce – you can be charged with a felony possession count. If you find that you are suffering from a marijuana addiction, you can seek help from a counselor or a rehab facility. Marijuana is an easier drug to quit than most and with diligence you can become drug free.