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How Can I Get in Touch With My Senses?

group practices on balance beam

Part of being in the present moment is allowing yourself to get in touch with your senses. Very often, we go through life on auto-pilot with blinders on. We do what we have to do, taking notice of what we must in order to complete the task at hand, and paying no mind to everything else. This just isn’t the way we should be going through our lives. Today, Arbor wants to help you get in touch with your senses. Taking the time to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell the world around you is a beautiful thing. Set a goal for yourself today to pay more attention and be in the present moment. Take note of what changes when you do so.

Take Note of Five Things You Can See

To start, begin to take note of five things that you can see. Let’s say you are sitting outside. What do you see? Did you catch a bluebird flying by? Did you take note of the beautiful flower swaying in the wind? Making sure you pay attention to the world around you can give you a better sense of belonging in your recovery. The more you pay attention to when you are relaxing, the more you’ll learn to pay attention to you when you are focusing on your recovery.

Take Note of Four Things You Can Hear

Next, begin to take note of four things that you can hear. While you’re sitting outside, you may hear children laughing as they play with their friends. You may hear traffic whizzing by. You hear that bluebird squawking. Taking in the sounds that you hear outdoors can help you be more mindful of what is going on around you in your daily life.

Take Note of Three Things You Can Touch

After that, begin to take note of three things you can touch. If you’re sitting outside, feel the ground underneath your toes. Feel the chair that you’re sitting on. Truly ground yourself in the things you can feel. This helps bring you back to the present moment. This is especially helpful in your recovery when you are feeling stressed. Knowing how to ground yourself helps to relieve some of that stress and help bring you back to a calm state.

Take Note of Two Things You Can Smell

Later, begin to take note of two things you can smell. While you’re outside, smell the scent that the flowers give off. Smell the neighbor grilling outside. The sense of smell is one that is often undervalued. Breathe in deeply and smell the wonderful outdoors. Practicing a breathing exercise to help you remain calm.

Take Note of One Thing You Can Taste

Lastly, begin to take note of one thing you can taste. You may have brought a cup of coffee outside with you. Taste the blend on your tongue and let yourself be transported to other times you have enjoyed sipping coffee. Allow yourself to think of good times, then slowly bring yourself back to the present using your other senses.

The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you get in touch with your senses. Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper the more you practice. This ability to be present can work wonders in your recovery. Call us today for more information about the programs we offer at (844) 413-2690.