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Holistic Drug Rehab Texas

With the increase in drug use and abuse in Texas and all across the nation, there is now a greater need than ever before for drug addiction treatment centers. Since many addicts endure terrible damage to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves as a consequence of drug abuse, there is a genuine need for drug addiction treatment that addresses the entire, whole person that is the addict, and not just one or two aspects of their lives. Holistic drug addiction treatment is a new and growing type of therapy for drug addicts that treats every aspect of the addict’s life to help them heal on all levels and to help them become and remain drug free. With the growing number of facilities offering this new approach to drug treatment, it is now possible to search for and find holistic drug rehab Texas and in many other states as well. Holistic drug treatment includes a blend of traditional and non-traditional therapies. While Holistic drug rehab includes a detox phase of drug addiction treatment, it is carried out in a holistic approach. Instead of using other potentially harmful drugs to help with withdrawal symptoms often experienced during detox, the holistic approach to detox includes acupuncture, meditation, massage and vitamin and mineral supplementation to help the addict heal from the effects of drug abuse. In addition to using traditional individual and group counseling sessions, holistic drug addiction treatment includes non-traditional approaches to treatment to get at the underlying causes of the drug use in the addict. Some of the newer treatments that are used in holistic medicine to treat drug addiction include experiential therapy such as psychodrama, to help bring the subconscious of the addict out into the open so that it can be reconciled with the conscious part of the addict’s mind, and also expressive therapy where the act of creation is emphasized and treatments such as art therapy or music therapy are used to promote healing. Holistic drug rehabs also place a greater emphasis on nutrition, organic diets, meditation, tai-chi, yoga and other fitness routines to both give the addict and outlet for the many feelings and emotions that they may be experiencing as they go through treatment, but also to help them develop other activities to focus on once they leave the center to help them remain drug free. Family therapy, spiritual counseling and non-denominational spiritual meetings are also emphasized to help address the addict’s spiritual needs and help them to heal from the guilt and shame that many addicts typically feel as they go through treatment and start to realize the damage that their drug use has caused, not only themselves but also to their family members, friends, other loved ones and even society as a whole. While holistic drug rehab in Texas and elsewhere may use some additional methods and therapies that are not commonly found in other drug addiction treatment programs, all of the programs have the same goal, to provide the addict the treatment, skills and support necessary to become and remain drug free.