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Finding Extended Care Treatment in Georgetown, TX

a person talks to a therapist in extended care treatment

If you or your loved one is coping with addiction, finding the best treatment approach can feel overwhelming. In this challenging time, remember qualified providers are standing by to help you sort out your next steps. Often, addiction recovery takes more time than clients expect. It can help to be informed about how addiction treatment works before you start. Contact the caring team at The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare at 844.413.2690 or via online message to learn more about highly effective programs like extended care treatment.

The Need for Extended Care Treatment in the Austin, TX Area

In Travis County, which includes most of the city of Austin, TX, chronic alcoholism accounted for 10% of all deaths caused by natural disease in 2021. Only cancer and infection (including COVID-19) claimed more lives than the scourge of chronic alcoholism during this timeframe. The need for effective treatment for alcohol abuse is evident.

Beyond this, the region’s population also struggles with other substance abuse. In Travis County, the number of accidental drug deaths where fentanyl, methamphetamine, or cocaine was detected grew steadily between 2018 and 2021. Even more concerning, in 2021, all of these drugs, particularly fentanyl, saw spikes in the number of related fatalities.1

Why do extended care programs provide greater Austin’s substance abuse recovery needs? Sadly, residential treatment alone is often not enough to ensure lasting recovery. Many studies show that in the 12 weeks following a four to 12-week inpatient treatment program, about 50% of clients relapse.2 Those suffering from addiction need a more long-lasting and encompassing approach.

What Is Extended Care, and How Can It Bridge the Gap Between Residential Programs and Everyday Life?

Clients may enter extended care after an intensive inpatient treatment program, generally lasting 30, 60, or 90 days. This can be a very effective way of bridging the dramatic gap between 24/7 supervision and everyday life. In extended care, clients benefit from a sober living environment and ongoing therapeutic services. This phase of treatment typically lasts two months to two years. At The Arbor, our extended care program averages 90 days. Clients have the option to continue in our sober living environment after this period.

During extended care treatment, our clients immerse themselves in the 12-step model of recovery. This time-tested system gives clients the many benefits of a supportive community of peers. Accountability, non-judgemental support, and mentorship from a sponsor are some of the many advantages 12-step participants reap.

Our extended care program has three phases:

  • Phase one – Clients acclimate to their gender-specific sober-living environment, team build, and obtain a sponsor for their 12-step journey.
  • Phase two – Clients work on developing life skills and reviewing those acquired in residential treatment. At this point, they can support housemates just entering phase one.
  • Phase three – Preparing for discharge makes a significant appearance in this phase. This includes completing outpatient programming and more offsite activities. Clients also provide mentorship for housemates in earlier phases.

Clients in our extended care program enjoy many benefits, including daily community meetings, transportation, monthly equine therapy, medication management, and a full-time recovery manager. While housing is gender-specific, clinical sessions at our intensive outpatient facility are co-educational, allowing clients to develop healthy relationships with other-gender peers. Moreover, random toxicology testing adds further accountability to clients’ recovery.

Maximize Your Chance of Lasting Recovery with Extended Care Treatment in Georgetown, TX

If you’re seeking an extended care program for addiction recovery in greater Austin, look no further than The Arbor. Our luxury treatment and residential facilities are located in the beautiful Central Texas Hill Country, 30 miles north of the Austin metro area. Please call in advance to tour our primary Georgetown location, then take I-35 north from Austin, turn east on Texas Highway 29, and north onto County Road 103. We’re just northeast of Bar 3 Ranch Airport. Our qualified staff looks forward to answering your questions and is available at 844.413.2690 or via online message.


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