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Effective Communication

couple practices effective communication

  Communication is key in every relationship. You can’t be in a healthy relationship if you are not communicating effectively. The best apology is changed behavior, which is a phrase we often hear. If you aren’t communicating, however, you aren’t able to let the other person know that you want them to change their behavior. They can say they’ve changed, but actually changing is a different thing. Change is something to look for when you are conversing with someone. Communicating mindfully is important. Read on to learn more!

How Can I Communicate Effectively?

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” says Edoardo Albert, author of Psychology Now. There are two big things you can do to communicate effectively: body language and tone. These things help to show how you are saying what you are saying.

Body Language

Body language is essential to communication. It’s a non-verbal cue because the other person can pick up things you are saying without you having to even open your mouth and verbalize anything. Are you standing in a position where you look like you want to run from the conversation? Are you avoiding eye contact? Are you biting your lip? These are all things you could be doing unconsciously that signal that you don’t want to be in the conversation you’re in. These things help other people figure out what you are or are not saying. Allan Pease, a body language expert, says that body language should be used in conjunction with other communication cues. He says to read body language in groups of three. One clue may not tell the whole story, so the more cues you get from someone, the more solid your understanding is.


How you say what you say matters, which is why tone is very important. Harriet Whitbread, a renowned voice coach, says that there are five things you can change in your voice that help you communicate. These things are pitch, vocal qualities, change of pace, shaping words, and volume. You can manipulate your tone in one way that may come off as understanding and wanting to be in the conversation, but then manipulate your tone in another way so that you are saying something completely different, all without changing your words!

Cultural Communication

Different cultures have different languages, but there are also differences in body language and tone. A smile is a universal sign that someone is happy. These are unlearned signs. There are learned signs, however, that mean different things across different cultures. The “ok” symbol or hand gesture means different things in different cultures. It’s important to be mindful when you are around people of different cultures so that you do not insult someone when you don’t mean to.

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