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Dealing with Boredom in Early Sobriety

While a sober lifestyle can be incredibly exciting and fulfilling, the early days of sobriety may seem, to put it bluntly, boring.  The perception of life suddenly becoming very mundane is temporary and, for the most part, an illusion. It is important, however, that you employ strategies to battle your boredom and prevent a fall back into old habits.  Living sober is a major adjustment and requires a bit of creativity, but it can also open up a world of opportunities and experiences. Our culture encourages drinking for just about every occasion.  This is why we tend to crave a drink at every social gathering, holiday, and celebration.  Because we have connected alcohol to concepts of joy and merriment, even if this connection never truly existed, our brains are wired to expect a “buzz” during happy occasions.  While being social and spending time with people whose company you enjoy can be a wonderful way to prevent boredom, it may be a good idea in early recovery to organize booze-free events or seek out other sober friends to spend time with.  This way, you can rewire your brain by learning that you can have a good time without alcohol, and you will be better prepared for future events where the people around you may be drinking. It is also important in the early days of sobriety to go easy on yourself.  It is okay to replace drinking with another activity that brings you joy, even if it may involve a bit of indulgence such as spending a weekend eating junk food while binging your favorite show.  Although a healthy lifestyle is important for lifelong wellbeing, early sobriety is not the time to start a strict diet or deprive yourself of simple pleasures. It is perfectly acceptable to respond to your boredom by shamelessly watching hours of reality television or baking yourself a beautiful chocolate cake.  Additionally, it is important not to fear boredom entirely. Boring moments make exciting days even more thrilling, and you can take comfort in the fact that your next endorphin-rush will be genuine rather than chemically induced.

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