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Best Rehab in Texas

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When it comes to picking the best rehab in Texas, look for a facility that includes both top treatment methods and cutting-edge therapies. In addition, an excellent rehabilitation facility is ethical, reliable, and sensitive to the addict’s struggles. The best rehab in Texas is a facility that is in the business of helping addicts recover, while also giving them another chance at life.

Key factors for substance abuse rehabilitation programs

There are several important factors to consider when looking for a Texas rehab facility.

  • Is it licensed? Requiring proper licenses should be obvious but for some may not be. Make sure the facility is licensed and certified.
  • Is the staff licensed and appropriately trained? Your security and wellness is dependent on the trust that develops between you and the doctors and counselors on staff. Facilities with highly trained staff and certifications have higher success rates.
  • Does it have an emergency plan? The best rehab in Texas will also have a well thought out emergency action plan in case a patient loses control of their emotions during their stay and becomes violent. The detox process has many side effects that can include extreme anger, high anxiety or a state of panic. Security is a priority for your safety as well as that of other patients and staff.
  • Is the facility clean and well run? The success of your treatment program depends on how well the recovery center is run. This includes cleanliness and comfort as well as the actual program. If the center is poorly managed, the patient may be too uncomfortable to focus on getting better.

Best Rehab in Texas

Ideally, the best rehab in Texas will feel like home, and the staff will feel like family. By creating a sense of comfort, the patient is free to rest comfortably and focus on getting well.

Residential Inpatient Treatment

When looking to work through addiction and trauma, no one understands the complicated web of thoughts and feelings as the community at The Arbor does. Our inpatient programming offers a relaxing, supportive environment in which to undergo treatment. Our inpatient residents experience a multitude of support, from personalized trauma counseling to equine therapy. We offer comprehensive in-house care on our beautiful Texas ranch, the ideal setting for long-term stays and people who have experienced a relapse. Our program aims to treat individuals as a whole, understanding that there may be several underlying aspects to a person’s journey. We provide resources to treat underlying trauma as well as 12-step recovery programs.

Intensive Outpatient Program

At The Arbor, we don’t settle for temporary fixes. We aim to look at our patients holistically and know that transitioning from inpatient treatment to independence is difficult. We know that this struggle can lead to relapse, so we run our program differently. We offer an intensive outpatient program to ease the shift from live-in care to total freedom. During this time, we continue the same high-level therapeutic support and services as we do in our inpatient programs, providing you with the consistency and support you need to transition. As always, our outpatient programming is individualized and can help each person with their unique recovery obstacles.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We understand that most people struggling with addiction are battling other demons as well. Often, drugs and alcohol are used as coping mechanisms when a person is struggling with mental health. We know that if we intend to help our patients break free of their addictions, we must also help them in their mental health journeys. For this reason, we offer dual diagnosis treatment. With our renowned staff of mental health experts, we can help treat conditions such as bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder, depression, anxiety, and much more. We strive to see our patients as a whole and help them recognize parts of themselves that uphold addictive tendencies. We believe by treating underlying mental illness, we can help our patients truly break free of addiction.

Extended Care Programs

At The Arbor, we know that transitioning from inpatient care to sober housing or family care can be jarring and may lead to issues or even relapse. We want our patients’ recovery to be a lasting one, and for this reason, we offer renowned extended care programs to add another safety measure for our clients. Rather than transitioning directly from inpatient treatment to sober housing, we provide an extended stay community to bridge the gap between the two steps. Providing a community and continued support and programming helps many people stay sober as they move from our care into sober living.

Sober Living

It’s hard to go out into the world newly sober and stay that way. While extended stay communities, inpatient stays, and intensive outpatient stays are the first steps to recovery, eventually, individuals need to transition to a more independent lifestyle. When this time comes, The Arbor offers affordable sober living options. Located in Austin North, our sober living housing offers individuals with a supportive community of housemates, all of whom have also been sober for a minimum of 30 days. The communities in these houses must attend meetings weekly, and many people find them to be a wonderful transition from inpatient and intensive treatments into a life of independence.

The Arbor Family Program

Recovery is not just about healing an individual; it’s about healing a community. This is why The Arbor offers family support programs for the families of our patients. We know how difficult it can be to navigate emotions and situations surrounding addiction, and we know that your family member’s experience has affected you too. For this reason, we offer family programs to help you work through the complicated trauma that comes with supporting a family member with an addiction and give you tools to support your loved one better as they go through their journey of recovery. These programs are our way of supporting our patients’ support groups and ensuring that your family can move forward, healed.

Young Adult Program

Young adults experience unique obstacles when it comes to addiction and substance abuse. Many of the individuals in this group are just learning how to function on their own, and addiction can make blossoming into adulthood difficult and even dangerous. At The Arbor, we provide young adult-specific programming geared toward those age-specific challenges. We use this programming to change patients’ views and thought processes surrounding substances and addiction and help young people move forward into adulthood with a healthier mindset. We believe that this time is crucial in the battle with addiction, so we ensure that the programming is specific to the young adult population’s needs. All residential programs within Arbor Behavioral Healthcare are in luxuriously-appointed homes, with small group settings that are welcoming and soothing. The staff is committed to provide recovery support for as long as required to ensure long term sobriety.