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Benzo Detox

When you hear the word Benzo, you may not know what it actually is. If I replace the word Benzo with Xanax, you would probably know exactly what it is. Several Benzo addicts are not aware of their physical and psychological addiction until they attempt to stop cold turkey. Almost immediately, the addict starts to feel panicky as well as an overwhelming amount of anxiety. Ironically, this drug is designed to help alleviate anxiety, but because of misuse or stopping right away the body goes into a complete state of panic, thus causing a drastic rise in anxiety. Benzo withdrawal symptoms such as increased heart rate, visual delusions, as well as extreme anxiety can last weeks if not longer if proper detox is not performed. Detoxing from Benzo is the most life-threatening type of detox. There have been instances where an addict has died because of detoxing without the help of a trained doctor. If you are reading this and suffer from this dangerous addiction, call The Arbor right away. If you are a loved one that knows someone who is a Benzo addict, seek help for him or her. Benzo addiction can hold a person’s body hostage and eventually cause death if proper treatment is not completed.