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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) has been on the rise in the last several decades. Common symptoms exist in both children and adults alike, but diagnosis should depend on unusual behavior symptoms that are not age appropriate. ADHD in adults presents as restlessness, the inability to hold a job or unsuccessful relationships. ADHD is also commonly referred to as ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder. Medicines can be prescribed as a way to calm down the chemical imbalance that ADHD and ADD are caused by. However, even these medicines, prescribed for a purpose, can result in addiction as they are narcotic in nature. The human brain will become dependent on these medicines to regulate the imbalance and subsequent episodes after medicine is discontinued may be more intense as the brain attempts to gain control. Children who are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD should present with symptoms that are not age appropriate. Hyperactivity in children is normal, but the inability to sit and focus at any given time is not normal. Over diagnosis is part of the problem and can lead to drug addictions that would otherwise be avoided.