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Benefits of Sober Living

two women begin sober living program

Successful recovery requires support. Trying to go it alone on the path to recovery is unlikely to yield positive results. Fortunately, many addiction treatment centers connect clients to sources of support and accountability by offering sober housing. 

Sober housing, also commonly referred to as sober living communities, are a type of transitional housing between the care of an inpatient treatment center and the full independence of returning home. The benefits of sober living are many, and the structure provided in sober housing can significantly reduce the risk of relapse. Call The Arbor at 844.413.2690 to learn more about how a sober living program supports lifelong recovery from addiction.

Benefits of Sober Living

Sober living is predicated on a drug-free, mutually accountable environment. It works to eliminate outside distractions and connect people to others in recovery. Learn about some of the top benefits of sober living below.

Support and Accountability

Addiction recovery can feel overwhelming and even scary at times. One key support offered in sober living is the presence of on-site staff who provide constant care and attention. They can support in the following ways by: 

  • Helping to manage cravings
  • Connecting clients to job opportunities
  • Supporting with moodiness and emotional challenges
  • Offering advice and guidance

Most addiction treatment centers involve alumni in their sober living programs so that people in recovery can learn from and look to people who have come before them and achieved sobriety. Support is always matched with accountability. Sober living takes its sober environment seriously. All residents must abide by ground rules that include curfews and regular drug tests. These guardrails play an important role in helping people stay sober.

Sober Relationships

People in recovery regularly come to rely on their peers going through the same challenges and experiencing the same victories. Sober living promotes building deep bonds between residents. This kind of access to nonjudgmental peers cuts down on the loneliness that otherwise accompanies recovery when conducted at home.

Relearning Life Skills

Addictions disrupt every aspect of life. Many people need to relearn basic life skills as part of rehab. That can include things like taking care of hygiene, cooking healthy meals, getting regular exercise, and relating to others through sober activities. Sober housing helps people in re-establishing productive, healthy habits as a part of preparing for independent living. 

Smoother Transition to Independence

One major benefit of sober living is the smoother transition it provides. Going from the care and oversight of an inpatient rehab program straight back to normal life puts people at higher risk for a relapse. Sober living provides a transitional period where clients are equipped with the tools and skills needed to re-enter their former lives with a healthier outlook and the ability to avoid relapsing.

Less Chance of Relapse

The period immediately following detoxification and rehab is critical for people in recovery. It is when the risk of relapse is highest as they are trying to learn positive coping mechanisms and reorganize their lives around sobriety. Sober living accommodations eliminate outside distractions, triggers, and drugs altogether to ensure the first weeks and months of sobriety are productive in establishing a firm foundation that people can build upon.

Sober Living at The Arbor

Sober living at The Arbor is designed for people who have undergone a treatment program and achieved at least 30 days of sobriety. The Arbor implements something called The Arbor Sober Living Model with all sober living participants. This helps our clients regain their motivation and independence on the path to healing. Grounded in support and safety, The Arbor’s sober living connects residents to:

  • Sober activities
  • Off-site 12-step programs
  • Employment support
  • Weekly alumni programming

Learn more about the benefits of sober living by giving us a call at 844.413.2690.