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Benefits of Group Therapy

group participates in addiction therapy

Addiction affects everyone differently. It can even change the way it affects an individual as time passes. For these reasons, among others, there is a myriad of types of therapies available for people dealing with addiction. One type of therapy is group therapy. As the name implies, this refers to any kind of therapy where more than one patient is involved. There are so many reasons why group therapy is effective. First, these group therapy sessions reinforce the fact that you are not alone. During these sessions, patients have the opportunity to hear the stories of others and understand that what they are going through isn’t something that is their fault. They begin to see that there are people out there that know what they are going through and they see the progress that others have made. As the expression goes, seeing is believing, and when patients see others beating addiction, they begin to think that they, too, can win the battle against drugs and alcohol. Group therapy also gives people the opportunity to help others. When you realize you are in a better place than the woman across the way, you offer support and encouragement. Helping someone else find their way improves your own self-esteem and increases your confidence. You begin to honestly believe in yourself and your ability to rise above addiction. The bonds built and nurtured during group therapy can be long-lasting and immensely fulfilling. Participating in group therapy provides camaraderie and helps to minimize feelings of loneliness and separation that often occur when people are dealing with addiction. Surrounding yourself by others that are going through similar issues in their own lives can leave everything feeling more doable.

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