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5 Signs of Opioid Addiction You Should Know

young man in hoodie crouched in dirty alley with his head in his hands displaying one of 5 signs of opioid addiction you should know

Opioid addiction—like any addiction— is a disease. Substance misuse adversely affects every part of the body, including the physical, mental, and spiritual. Being able to identify the signs of addiction can greatly help you seek the help that you or a loved one may need. Seeking help at an accredited addiction treatment facility like The Arbor allows you to enroll in a program where you will receive a customized treatment plan unique to you and your needs. Clients can choose from program offerings like gender-specific treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and experiential therapies like equine-assisted therapy. To learn more about the signs of opioid addiction and opioid addiction treatment in Texas, contact The Arbor at 844.413.2690 or fill out our online contact form.

Signs of Opioid Addiction

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) advises looking out for what is called the three “C’s.” These three main components of addiction are loss of control, craving and preoccupation with use, and use despite negative consequences.

Loss of Control

This can include filling prescriptions earlier than needed, prescription “shopping” among multiple doctors, buying opioids illegally, and notable uncontrollable withdrawal symptoms.

Craving, Preoccupation With Use

In this case, a person may ask for an increase in their opioid dosage or that it be prescribed more often. They may also experience an increase in real or phantom pain even though the issue the drug has been prescribed for has not changed. Suggestions of alternative treatment that do not include opioids are wholly dismissed.

Use Despite Negative Consequences

They abuse the drug without any remorse for the consequences. At this stage, the individual completely checks out —meaning they disconnect from family, friends, relationships, and responsibilities.

The Arbor treatment team can assist in identifying signs of addiction that you do not need to be a medical professional to be aware of. These can include:

  1. Reclusiveness and avoiding family and friends
  2. Losing interest in previously well-liked activities
  3. Uncharacteristically poor hygiene
  4. Significant changes in eating habits or weight
  5. Erratic mood swings

Opioid Addiction Treatment In Texas

The Arbor’s opioid addiction treatment program is designed for those seeking either residential or outpatient treatment, depending on the severity of the addiction. The treatment team performs an initial evaluation to determine each client’s needs and what course of treatment is best. Each treatment plan is unique and individual to the person. Therapies include a combination of traditional evidence-based therapies and experiential therapies. Individual, group, and family talk therapy sessions work alongside equine or art therapy on our beautiful campus in Georgetown, Texas. Treatment and recovery do not end once a client leaves a treatment facility. Aftercare is equally as important and is critical in helping people maintain their sobriety for the long term.

Contact The Arbor For Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction is rampant in our country. Identifying the signs of addiction and then seeking help are the first steps to getting someone’s life back on track and free of addiction. The Arbor offers a variety of substance use disorder treatment programs as well as dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. Choose from both residential treatment for severe addictions and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for those with milder addictions or needing a transition between residential care and independent living.

Programs and services at The Arbor include:

  • Residential care
  • IOP
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Relapse prevention
  • Extended care sober living
  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Nutritional counseling

Don’t let opioid use take control; contact the treatment team at The Arbor today at 844.413.2690 for help, or reach out online. Experts are standing by to answer any questions you have.