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The disease of addiction takes it toll on the individual’s mind, spirit, relationships and body. The journey to sobriety is a journey towards good health. The effects of nutrition and a healthy diet on the body is well known. What is often not considered is that proper nutrition is an important part of the healing process of addiction treatment.

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Nutrition for Healing Addiction

  • It is not uncommon for the addict to neglect important facets of life including proper nutrition.
  • Some drugs block the absorption of nutrients even when good foods are eaten.
  • Malnutrition causes the person to have low mental and physical energy levels.
  • Addiction weakens the immune system, leaving the person at risk of frequent illness.
  • Alcohol damages the liver, the skin and other organs.
  • Poor diet can leave the individual over- or underweight, both of which can harm self-esteem.
  • If you don’t look good, you don’t feel good.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

Our food preparation and nutrition program targets the following goals:

  • heal and nourish the body damaged by alcohol or substance abuse
  • stabilize mood and reduce stress
  • reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol
  • address medical conditions that are co-occurring or have resulted from substance abuse
  • encourage self-care and a healthful lifestyle

Nutrition at Arbor Behavioral Healthcare

Clients in our residential programs eat on site and are taught about nutrition and food preparation. Special dietary needs, such as allergies, can be accommodated. The Arbor Meals are prepared for residents of The Arbor men’s and women’s programs. Each meal is balanced for nutrition, healing properties and taste. You’ll love our food! This is what a typical weekly menu looks like at The Arbor.

Arbor Extended Care

Residents of Arbor Extended Care plan for, and prepare, meals for the group under the supervision and guidance of our MNT team.

Arbor Sober Living

Residents of Arbor West plan for, and prepare, meals for the group under the supervision and guidance of our MNT team.

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