luxury drug rehab houston at The Arbor RanchHouston has many fine drug rehab centers, but few are luxurious. Adding to the dilemma for those seeking the best is what really defines a luxury drug rehab. After all, you are seeking substance abuse treatment. Pretty surroundings are nice but it is important to remember that long term recovery is the  goal.

Luxury treatment for addiction

First priority is the quality of care participants receive. Questions to be answered include:

  • What credentials and training does the team have?
  • What treatment modalities are in use?
  • Can your center address co-occurring mental health disorders?
  • Is the treatment plan personalized to fit the needs of each individual?
  • Is a continuing care plan for support and relapse prevention part of the program?

Only after these basic questions are answered satisfactorily should you begin to look at the physical elements of the environment.

Bathroom at The Arbor - luxury alcohol and drug addiction treatment near Houston TX

Staff credentials

One “luxury” that is missing from many rehab programs is a highly trained clinical, medical and psychiatric leadership team. Many drug treatment programs are led by lower-level certified addiction specialists or even lay-persons.

A rehab facility that treats both addiction and co-occurring mental disorders needs well-qualified staff. Ideally, there is a fully credentialed team that includes a psychiatric team, a psychologist, and other master’s level or above trained addiction therapists.  Credentials to look for include MD, Ph. D., LCDC, LMFT, RN, MSN, LMSW, and LPC.

Custom treatment plan

A luxury drug/alcohol addiction treatment program must be more than just pretty surroundings. Individuals in treatment require, and deserve, a personalized treatment plan that provides for their specific needs.

Alcoholism and drug addiction harm the entire body thus a luxury rehab treatment plan should be holistic. Holistic treatment is designed to heal the entire person including the body, the mind, and the spirit. To overcome addiction, the body needs to heal. The brain needs to rewire itself, and the person must learn new coping skills to avoid a relapse. Thus a top-notch program must have both psychological and physical health treatments in its plans for care.

Bedroom at The Arbor Luxury Drug Rehab Houston Texas


A high-quality drug treatment center offers a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities. The custom treatment plan created for each client should include a combination of both traditional therapies and cutting-edge therapies. Some participants need added medical or psychiatric support for dual diagnosis.

Traditional therapies include a variety of one-on-one therapy modalities and group sessions. Men and women have gender-specific concerns that often include relationship or parenting issues.

A luxury rehab will also offer evidence-based, cutting-edge experiential therapies such as equine therapy, meditation, yoga, music or art therapy.

Healing the body

The health of your body is another concern within a holistic care program. A specific plan for physical fitness is also a feature in luxury rehab. That plan should be customized to meet the needs of the client.

Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is also an important part of a high-end treatment program. The food served should heal and nourish the body  that has been damaged by addiction. A healthy diet supports a stable mood and reduces stress, as well as reduces the cravings for drugs and alcohol. Lastly the diet must address any medical conditions the person may have.

In a luxury rehab setting, the food is chef-prepared and delicious.

Long-term care plan

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) supports research that proves that long-term success in sobriety is best achieved when the individual undergoes a longer period of addiction treatment. The recommended minimum stay for an inpatient program is 90 days. Some people require additional time and the program should allow them to stay for as long as necessary.

A continuing care plan that gradually transitions each person from the high-structured inpatient program to full independence is important.  

Peace and privacy

A luxury addiction treatment center is luxurious, private and well-equipped to support the healing of your mind, body and spirit. Many are located on acreage, away from the hustle and distractions of urban life.

Programs should be small to foster more one-on-one care. Residences should be attractive, clean, and well-appointed. While privacy is important, even luxury rehabs discourage a private bedroom. A private bedroom makes it too easy to hide within one’s illness.

Luxurious residential programs offer additional facilities that often include a swimming pool, tennis or basketball courts, hiking trails. Additional services are available and often include massage, acupuncture, or beauty treatments.

Luxury drug rehab near Houston, Texas

While Houston is a very large, metropolitan city, there are many options for nearby luxury drug rehab in Houston, Texas. However few offer the combination of luxurious surrounding and amenities along with the effectiveness of treatment offered by The Arbor.

The Arbor

The Arbor is located in the beautiful Texas hill country not far from Austin and only a few hours from Houston. It’s 67 acres along the San Gabriel River offer the perfect peaceful place to foster recovery. The facility includes several gender-specific homes, each luxuriously appointed and swimming pool equipped.

The Arbor offers a wide variety of evidence-based therapies that combined to offer a highly-personalized treatment plan. Meals are chef-prepared, healthy, and delicious. All residents enjoy a fitness program complete with a personal trainer.

The Arbor offers a full continuum of treatment programs to support the full path of recovery. Each program is offers a different combination of structure, accountability, and independence, allowing for a continuing and long-term plan for success.

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