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What to Look for in a Women’s Rehab Program in Austin, TX

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Specialists and experts know that when it comes to treating substance use disorders, men and women have different needs. That’s why men’s and women’s rehab programs are offered by addiction treatment facilities all over the United States and the rest of the world.

If women seek to overcome addiction and want a greater chance of success, the ideal treatment program would be a gender-specific one. The same is true for men. However, an excellent rehab center provides not only gender-specific options but also customizations of these programs to address each client’s specific needs. Contact The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare today if you’re looking for an excellent women’s rehab program near Austin, TX. Call 844.413.2690 or reach out to our team online.

What Is a Women’s Rehab Center?

Men’s and women’s addiction rehab centers are common in Austin, TX — and most parts of the world — because not all clients respond well to addiction treatment in a mixed-gender environment.

Not every addiction issue that affects men is important too — or can even be understood by — women. Gender-specific issues may hamper therapy sessions and community building in addiction treatment, and gender differences may be a natural obstacle to a successful rehab experience for some clients.

Did you know that women are far less likely than men to seek professional help for addiction? And while they’re less likely to develop addiction issues, women often struggle with more severe substance use disorders than men do. These statistics point to a simple solution for women’s clients: Gender-specific addiction treatment programs.

At women’s rehab centers, valuable time and resources are spent focusing on matters central to women’s life experiences. Some women’s rehab centers also have a staff that doesn’t include men, on top of offering gender-specific programs. A health facility like this is a safe and secure space for women to express themselves and talk about personal issues among their peers.

When clients who are women feel safe, they can talk about domestic violence, motherhood, relationships with partners and children, sexual harassment, and family communication issues openly. They don’t need to worry about being misunderstood or explaining every aspect of what they say to men. Freedom like this can be vital to addiction recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment?

You can find gender-specific addiction treatment options everywhere, including men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs near Austin, TX. If you don’t feel like a mixed-gender setting would be comfortable, don’t choose it over a gender-specific one. Most addiction treatment facilities offer separate men’s and women’s rehab centers — and if the one you’re admitted into doesn’t, they can always refer you to one nearby that does offer gender-specific options.

Comfort is a huge benefit of getting admitted into gender-specific addiction treatment programs, but it’s not the only advantage. Gender-specific programs offer multiple benefits, including the following:

  • A greater sense of trust, bonding, and community among clients
  • Minimized sexual tension and distractions
  • Specialized treatment for gender-specific issues
  • Supportive gender-sensitive therapy groups

What Should Clients Look for in a Women’s Addiction Treatment Program?

If you’re looking for the ideal women’s addiction treatment program, you should start searching for it where you live. For example, The Arbor has a women’s rehab center near Austin, TX.

Women have their own specific needs when seeking addiction treatment, which makes women-specific programs the ideal option. It’s almost essential to choose a program like this for women who developed a substance use disorder after a traumatic experience — especially if the trauma involves men.

However, not all women’s addiction treatment programs are the same. Here are some considerations you can look for when you’re choosing one:

  • Comprehensive assessment and customized programs: Not all women are the same. While a women’s addiction treatment program should focus on women’s issues, they should also be personalized for each client — based on details from a complete evaluation of each client’s medical history and experience with addiction.
  • Trained and licensed staff providing collaborative care: You should observe the staff of a facility and see if they collaborate and listen to each other. They should all also be trained and licensed to provide specific types of care. If you need a particular type of medical care — such as pregnancy care, if you’re expecting — make sure that the facility that offers the program you’re looking into has specialists to provide it for you.
  • A strong and supportive community: Ask about alumni programs and aftercare plans. An excellent women’s addiction treatment program doesn’t stop helping a client after they’ve completed it. The facility that offers the program should have services that help clients rebuild their lives out of rehab and maintain sobriety.

Ready To Learn More About The Arbor’s Women’s Addiction Rehab Center Near Austin, TX?

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