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What Do I Do When It All Gets To Be Too Much?

man struggles with too much work

“When things feel overwhelming, take a moment to reflect and you’ll soon be back on track,” says Harriet Griffey, author of “When it’s all too much” for Wellness Journal magazine. “However well-organized we are, there are times when it seems events conspire to overwhelm even the most resilient of us.” This is understandable. We can’t juggle it all and expect ourselves to continue that routine forever. It just doesn’t work that way. Recovery is not linear. It’s about ebbs and flows. Continue reading to learn more about what you can do when it all gets to be too much.   

Find a Balance

If you are struggling with making yourself constantly available to the point where you are having trouble saying now while struggling to keep your head above water, it may be time to think about stepping back and assessing your situation. Finding a balance means managing things so you are able to tread water comfortably. Being self-aware is key. Without self-awareness, you’re unable to see that you actually have a problem. No one can give you self-awareness either. This is because everyone is different and what each person can handle is different from the person next to them. In finding a balance, you must be able to look at those around you without comparing yourself to them. Today, practice finding a balance by saying no, regardless of what someone else may be thinking. You’ve got to take care of yourself and your needs before you can take care of those around you and their needs. Practice saying no and find that your schedule with open up and the pressure will be lifted off of your shoulders.   

Accept the Help

Asking for help can be a difficult thing. We may not want to ask for help because we feel embarrassed or weak. This, however, just isn’t true. Asking for help is a strength that too many people have yet to master. “Knowing when you need support isn’t a sign of weakness,” says Griffey. “It shows that you know your own strengths and those of others around you. Many people will do what they can to help — and you might be able to reciprocate at some point.” It’s all about give and take in relationships. What you put in is what you get out. Ask those you love for help when you need it. This will also take some of that pressure off your shoulders.   

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