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Travel Destinations for the Newly Sober

couple packs for travel

Traveling while in recovery can be daunting.  So many places and activities are commonly associated with alcohol, and it may be difficult to imagine lounging on the beach or dining at upscale restaurants without a cocktail.  While learning to enjoy yourself in certain situations without alcohol takes time, it can also be helpful to choose your travel destinations strategically to avoid an excess of triggers.  Sober people can have fun anywhere, but here are a few places that might help the adjustment go more smoothly.


It is easy to experience a natural high while walking around Tokyo, simply by taking in all the amazing sights, sounds, and smells.  The lights of the city are futuristic and dazzling, and the street food alone can keep you busy snacking for hours. Alcohol is available at most restaurants, but you won’t be pressured to order it. It is perfectly acceptable to drink tea alongside your meals, and being sober in Tokyo means having the luxury of experiencing this dynamic city to the fullest.


This beautiful North African country is a great choice for sober travelers due to its mostly Muslim population and wide variety of sober sight-seeing opportunities.  Alcohol is not typically a part of Muslim culture, and while you may be able to find it if you look, you won’t encounter alcohol as a big part of daily life in Morocco.  What you will find are lively markets and ancient streets to explore, all while entirely sober and present.

New York City

If you are looking for a travel destination stateside, consider cities that provide a great deal of cultural and artistic activities.  New York City tourist attractions are legendary, and you can easily spend a few days hopping between museums, Broadway shows, and historic landmarks.  While there is an active bar scene in the city, it is easy to avoid. Restaurants stay open late, so opt for a late-night meal rather than a drink. You won’t regret experiencing this beautiful city sober and being able to remember every minute of it.

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