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The Healing Powers Of Nature

couple hike in nature

There are many options for therapy here at Arbor Behavioral Healthcare. From inpatient to outpatient and everything in between, we have it all. We want to set you up for success in your recovery from substance use and mental illness. Continue reading to learn more about therapies that involve the outdoors.

Equine Assisted Therapy

One specific type of therapy we offer is Equine Assisted Therapy. Our Equine Assisted Therapy program “helps individuals reconnect with their inner self and deal with stressful emotions in a healthy fashion.” The horses help further the healing process of the individuals we work with. They help to “release painful or negative memories and emotions.” Being out in nature is also a great way to help heal from negative memories and emotions, too.


There’s a sense of safety that comes with being out in nature. Whether it be the forest, near a creek, or even at a park, people feel safe in nature. It’s calming and restorative. Children and adults alike benefit from being in nature and exploring it. For some, a walk through nature with a therapist can be beneficial when coupled with a mindfulness exercise, goal setting, or meditation. These activities are great things for anyone struggling with an addiction or mental illness. Nature-based therapies have proven benefits. Being outside is a great thing. 

How Can I Practice This on My Own?

Getting out into nature is a great first step! Even if you don’t have hours to sit out on the beach, relaxing in your backyard can offer great benefits. Exercising in nature is another wonderful thing to do because everyone needs exercise, so doing it outdoors kills two birds with one stone! Being around trees, bushes, flowers, and animals is another plus if you can get yourself to a space that offers these things. If you can, planting flowers and greenery in your neighborhood is another great thing to do to practice eco-psychology. You can also create an herb or vegetable garden and use the herbs and vegetables you grow in the food you make. Bringing things from the outside into your home is a great way to integrate nature indoors.   

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare wants to help you on your road to recovery. This includes integrating the outdoors and nature into your daily routine. We can help. Call us today at 844-413-2690. We can’t wait to talk with you today!