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Nurturing Your Intuition

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Your intuition is that feeling you get in your gut when you’re about to make a big decision. Trusting yourself is an important thing to do. It takes practice, though. Today, we are going to discuss your intuition and how you can nurture it! Read on to learn more.  

Emotional, Rational, and Wise Mind

There are three different mindsets that you can be in. The emotional mind is when you are overtaken by your emotions and you cannot think clearly. The rational mind is when you are thinking strictly facts and not letting anything else in. The wise mind is the mind you want to be in. When you are in this mindset, you are considering both your emotional and rational mind, but not too much of either. Wise mind is where your intuition lies.  

Intuition in Wise Mind

“The human capacity to act on instinct is nothing new, but reliance on an intuitive approach has been replaced in more recent times with science-driven and analytic thinking,” says Annika Rose, author of “Make your intuition work for you” for In The Moment magazine. This would mean that we are acting greatly in the rational mind. Other people, very emotional people, may feel overwhelmed by their emotions and give into them easily. While in the wise mind, your logic and intuition come together to improve your overall experience.  

Nurturing Your Intuition

There are ways to nurture your intuition and get the most out of it. Rose gave four tips on ways to nurture your intuition: “Make Space” When you make space for intuition, you are slowing down and tuning in to how you feel. This allows you to embrace the flow within you. It will come out easier when you give it its own space to flow. Connect with your intuition by giving it space to grow. “Get Creative” When you let your creative side out, you are shifting from a state of ‘doing’ to ‘being.’ Intentionally tune into your bodily sensations and feel your emotions by crafting or doing a hobby you love. “Feel It” Feeling it means that you are feeling the physical response your body gives you when you ask it a question. Letting your body guide you and your next steps is relying heavily on intuition. “Life Lessons” We should always look back in the past and let our experiences guide our future decisions. Learning from the past is a great way to build up your intuition. Reflect on the past and let it guide you.  

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