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Make Gratitude an Attitude

woman talks about gratitude with therapist

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. Expressing appreciation for the experiences that made us who we are can lead to increased happiness and healthier relationships. Research shows that individuals who cultivate a sense of gratitude experience greater emotional and physical health than those who don’t. For example, studies show that people who feel grateful for what they have and where they’re at in life get ill less often, feel better about the future, sleep better, and enjoy better relationships. Gratitude is also associated with having more energy and enthusiasm, as well as achieving significant goals.

Simple Actions Create Positive Impact

You can start your journey by expressing gratitude to those people who have made a significant difference in your life. Identify one person who has made a positive and lasting impact on you. Now write a thank you email or letter, call them, or meet them in person to express your gratitude for what they have brought to your life. Writing in a gratitude journal is another way for you to capture and reflect on the experiences and people you’re thankful for. There is no wrong or right way to keep a gratitude journal. You can begin by writing about what you appreciate in the present moment. Or you can write about the people that you are thankful for. Gratitude comes in small and big packages—maybe today you are grateful for the luxury of sleeping in, or perhaps it could be the luxury of having a bed to sleep in. Sometimes it’s better to forget the talk and instead walk the walk! A gratitude walk can take as little as 5 minutes or significantly longer if you have time and motivation. Any setting will work, from the office corridors to the park outside. The key is to use your walk to reflect on the many things you’re thankful for—relationships, a job, good health. While you ponder your thankfulness, consciously breathe in the air that makes life at that moment possible and feel gratitude for that. Studies show that the impact of these simple gestures can be profound. Many times the person you thank has no clue of the effect they had on your life and will be deeply moved by your gesture. Whatever you are grateful for, take the time to not just savor the feeling, but also to share it!

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