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Is Alcohol Use Leading to Drug Overdoses?

therapy group discusses alcohol and drug overdose

Alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses are both major concerns in the U.S.  Alcohol alone kills an average of six Americans per day, while the opioid crisis is currently taking the lives of approximately 130 Americans per day.  New research, however, suggests that alcohol may play a larger role in drug overdose than previously thought. While a great deal of time and money has gone into combatting drug overdose deaths, it seems that more focus should be placed on heavy alcohol use and how it leads to hard drugs.  80% of people surveyed in a study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research reported having tried hard drugs for the first time under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is the most socially acceptable drug, and yet it is responsible for so much death, illness, and destruction.  In addition to the many alcohol-related deaths that occur every year, researchers are now taking a look at accidents and overdoses that occur as a result of mixing drugs and alcohol.  We know that mixing substances increases the risk of overdose overall, but it can also be helpful to consider how a lack of inhibitions may lead someone to try hard drugs.   Additionally, some people use hard drugs such as cocaine to “sober up” after binge drinking.  This doesn’t only create a dangerous appearance of false sobriety, but it increases the risk of overdose and the eventuality of developing a dual addiction.  Taking depressives such as alcohol along with stimulants such as cocaine can also take a more severe toll on mental and psychological health than one of these drugs alone.  The newest study considering the link between alcohol and drug addiction is proposing more research on the complex connection between substances and the many negative outcomes for users.

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