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How to Avoid Smoking Once You Have Quit

man tries to quit smoking

Smoking used to be a part of your routine in that you would go to your nearest drugstore and buy a pack of cigarettes to smoke during your down time. Now, you need to find other ways to occupy yourself since your pack of cigarettes will not be there for you anymore. By avoiding triggers and finding healthy ways to keep yourself busy, you will have a new routine that does not involve poisoning your body with nicotine. The first thing that you can do is make a plan for yourself once you have quit. This involves making a notebook where you write down the day that you quit, why you decided to quit, and triggers that cause you to smoke. Once you can identify your triggers, try your hardest to stay away from. This can mean throwing away your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays. These objects have no use for you anymore so there is no point in keeping them. Because caffeine can make you jittery, drink water instead. Make sure that you do not spend time with people who do smoke as even smelling the smoke on their breath without them smoking in front of you can still be a trigger. Go to places where smoking is not allowed and avoid being tired as that can be another trigger to smoke.  You should also try to find ways to be happy. Do not have negative thoughts such as “I will never be able to smoke for the rest of my life” as gloomy thoughts can be a trigger. See it more as “I plan on bettering my health for the rest of my life one day at a time.” It may not be perfect when you quit as you may experience urges, but the point is not to smoke even a puff. When you have stopped smoking for 24 hours, try to find ways to reward yourself for your accomplishment. Willpower may not be enough to prevent relapses. You should let people know about when you quit and to make sure that you do not think about smoking for days and weeks after your quit day. Do not assume that they know how to help you stop smoking. Tell them what you expect from them. By reminding yourself why you quit smoking in the first place and taking it day by day, you will be able to quit successfully.

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