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How Can Trauma Lead You to Mistrust?

man meets with therapist for trauma treatment

When you have gone through trauma such as domestic abuse, seeing your parents divorce, parental abandonment, rape, etc, the trauma causes us to lose our trust in humanity. We could miss out on great experiences and great people because we are too traumatized by our experiences. It is important to go into treatment for trauma so that you can teach yourself to view the world and the people in it in a more positive light.

What Is It About Trauma That Causes Mistrust?

Being traumatized can mean that you no longer see the world as a safe place because of what happened to you. For example, if society teaches you that your parents are supposed to be loving people that stay in your lives only to have one of your parents abandon you or abuse you, you feel like not trusting what the world has to teach you. You may feel that if you did not get love from one parent that no one else in your life will love you. You wish that you could get validation from the people that you meet that you will be safe wherever you may go and that your trust will never be violated ever again. 

What Can You Do To Get Trust Back Into Your Life?

Remember that the people who led you to feeling this trauma are specifically those people and to not assume that anyone new will do the same thing. For example, if you were raped, do not assume that your new boyfriend will treat you horribly too. Express to your partner what you have been through so that he understands why you may feel reserved or uncomfortable when he touches you. Your boyfriend is someone completely different than the one who violated your trust. Work through it with your new partner and give them a chance. Instead of spending all of your time talking about your pain, distrust, and disappointment in the world, speak more about the gratitude that your partner has done that you never got from anyone else. Communicate with your partner about what your triggers are and what you expect from him. You know that this person is worthy of your trust when they are trying to show you that they respect you. Getting through trauma may take a while, but it is all worth it if you can bring someone great into your life.

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