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How Can I Get in Touch with Who I Really Am?

woman struggles with warning signs of addiction

It’s not uncommon to lose sight of who you truly are when you are working hard in all areas of your life. You may begin to feel overwhelmed, losing track of who you are and what is important to you. It’s important to have a strong basis of who you are when you are working on yourself in your recovery. How can you get in touch with who you really are? Keep reading to learn more.

Slow Down

Much of our lives are spent working hard. From school to work to home responsibilities and keeping up with a social life, we don’t often have a lot of time to just be. Our lives can get complicated with the more we take on. If you’re struggling with getting in touch with yourself, try to slow down. You’ve probably done so much connecting with the outside world that you have forgotten to connect with your inner being. Slow down from the busy life you’re leading and take a breath.

Don’t Neglect Yourself

Because we’re often so busy, we may neglect to care for ourselves. We must, however, nurture our inner being on a daily basis. Not doing so only brings more turmoil into our lives. Once you’ve slowed down, create a space for yourself where you can practice some self-care that helps you connect with yourself. Remind yourself of your values and how you can achieve your goals. Neglecting this part of yourself is a detriment to your recovery.

Write Toward Healing

One great way to get in touch with who you really are is to write. Set aside 10 minutes for yourself today to get in touch with yourself. You aren’t writing for anyone else but yourself, so be as messy and candid as you want. One way to do this is to “brain dump.” This means that you write down everything that is on your mind, no matter how ugly or scary those things may be. Whenever you have a thought, write it down. Getting your thoughts out on paper can be very beneficial. Another way to heal through writing is to freewrite. Freewriting is the practice of letting your thoughts guide you. Start with a thought or topic that you are struggling with. Write down whatever comes to mind about this topic. Then, continue writing as your thoughts connect to other things you may be feeling. The goal of brain dumps and freewrites is to get in touch with yourself and find out what is holding your back from being your true self.

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