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Holistic Addiction Treatment

While so-called traditional medicine is very helpful in treating symptoms, when a person is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, the most important thing to consider is the underlying cause. Simply dealing the effects is not always enough to solve the problem. One method that treats the root causes of addiction and works to alleviate negative behavior patterns while focusing on the connection between mental, physical and spiritual well-being is holistic addiction treatment. Although treating the causes that lead to addictive behavior is a part of many treatment systems, the holistic approach is strongly concerned with the spiritual side of the patient’s lifestyle. Belief in and submission to a higher power, whatever form that power may take to the individual, is an important step in relinquishing complete control. That is, addicts often feel that they are powerless and seek to exert greater control over the things they cannot change. They may even hinder their own recovery process by insisting on a take-charge attitude and believing they have things well in hand. The ability to admit that there are situations over which one has little to no influence can be empowering, as paradoxical as that may seem. This will make the patients more willing to cooperate with their treatment, which of course, is important if they want to get clean and stay clean. Of course, there are some aspects of any treatment program that will be similar. For example, the addict has to want to change and be willing to admit they need help before any type of treatment can be expected to have a lasting effect. In many cases they will require detox to purge the chemicals from their body. In holistic addiction treatment, a diet of organic foods and plenty of rest are part of the detoxification process. This nourishes the body and mind while the body begins to recover from the effects or substance abuse. Because this approach is predicated on the idea that the mind, body and spirit are one, the program moves in stages through physical, emotional, spiritual and mental treatment. It is believed that as long as one of these things is out of balance, the rest will suffer. Because all addicts are individuals and all addiction is different, there are some who may not respond as well to the holistic treatment method. Before embarking on this type of program, a person needs to open their mind to all aspects of the treatment. This is why, when seeking any form of addiction recovery assistance, people need to learn as much as possible about what the various treatment facilities in the area offer, so that they can make an informed decision and get the kind of help that will do them the most good. These centers are of course professionally staffed and licensed by the state to treat substance abuse victims. They offer many of the same treatments as other facilities. However, by placing a strong emphasis on the patients’ inner well-being, holistic addiction treatment is often the best option for addicts whose problems may transcend a mere overindulgence issue. With a focus on individual and group counseling and a concern for the spiritual as well as the physical, better results are often achieved than through pharmacological methods alone.