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Gender-Specific Detox Programs

Substance abuse is a serious problem that can happen to anyone, regardless of their age or gender.  Regardless of an individual’s specific sex or age, there are many reasons why different individuals might prefer to choose treatment centers that are segregated by gender and offer gender specific treatment programs. When choosing a gender specific detox program, some facilities vary from one another. Some gender-specific centers are just that – completely gender-specific. In this scenario, all of the staff and residents will be of the same gender. Other treatment centers say that they offer gender-specific treatment, and yet only house the residents by gender, and then offer some of the therapies such as meals, together in a co-ed environment or some of the therapists or other staff members may be of the opposite gender. When choosing a facility that treats drug addiction, if gender-specific treatment is a personal requirement, then it is best to research the center thoroughly and discover just how gender-specific the entire program will be before enrolling and arrival. Successful drug treatment involves several procedures to best help the addict stop using drugs and become drug free. The first step in this process is normally the detox stage. The detox stage is the process where the addict stops using the drug and begins the long and difficult process of ridding their body of the physical addiction to the substance. As this process ends, it is necessary to start treating the psychological dependence on the substance, so one-on- one counseling sessions often follow so that the addict can discover the central underling factors that have contributed to the addiction. During this time it is often necessary for the addict to feel relaxed and trust the counselor enough to open up to them and feel comfortable in discussing very personal in a drug treatment center is mostly a long one and puts a person through a lot of emotional and physical pain. Psychological therapy sessions that follow later also need the patient to feel relaxed and comfortable talking about several personal issues. For various reasons many men feel more comfortable discussing these issues in the company of men only and there are also many women who feel the same way and would prefer to discuss their innermost issues in the company of other women. Teen rehabs are also offered in a gender-specific setting, and this is often the preferred method of treatment by their parents. Since drug addiction treatment is such a stressful time for most addicts and can leave them open and vulnerable to lapses in judgment, this is especially true of teens and many parents feel more comfortable leaving their teenager in the care of others of the same gender as their child.  Also, teenagers tend to be more sensitive about body and hygiene issues at this stage of development and since many drug treatment programs place some emphasis on fitness programs as a way to deal with stress rather than using drugs, many teenagers and others with self-image and self-esteem issues feel more comfortable working out with members of the same gender. Regardless of the reason, there are certainly many gender-specific detox programs and other gender-specific treatment plans for addicts who prefer this type of help when learning to overcome their addictions.