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Forging Your Own Path

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Reconnecting with yourself during a solo vacation is probably not something that everyone has thought of. “Vacationing alone can be nerve-wracking, but it can also be life-affirming,” says Abi Whyte, author of “Follow Your Own Path,” for In The Moment magazine. Solo vacations can be a bit scary for a first-time solo traveler. It’s very different than traveling in a group. Whyte went alone to Estonia. In that country, she says that there was “no ignoring the clamped sensation in my throat and jitters in my stomach as I scuffled along the cobbled roads, hordes of tourists filtering past, some of them in groups, some in couples, most of them not a loner, like me.” This time was a blur for Whyte, who was overwhelmed by the moment. That sensation soon faded, though. She was able to walk to a park, people-watch, write, sketch, and enjoy her time. This reaffirmed why she took this time to travel solo. Life is busy with a family and a home to take care of, she says, with every moment of the day scheduled out. Whyte says, “A lot of the time, it feels like I’m treading water, struggling to keep up with the demands of being a working mother, and sometimes I just need a little break from it.” It’s okay to want a break from it all. Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you if you feel like you need a break.

Can I take a break?

Yes, of course! Everyone deserves a break once in a while, or even more than once in a while. If you think you need a break, you probably do. You may feel overwhelmed with work and school, family, and friends. Just like Whyte, you can take a break. One way to do this is to travel solo. It’s a “freedom like no other,” says Whyte. She knows it may be self-indulgent, but she also knows that she works hard and deserves time off. Whyte continues that, “I’ll return home a better mother, wife, and all-around human, my head filled with memories I want to share.” Don’t let guilt stand in your way. Forge your own path. Take a break. Travel solo. Allow yourself to be happy.

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare can help you squash the guilt you might be feeling if you think you need a break. We can help you. Call us today at 844-413-2690. Forge your own path with us today.