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Finding a Meth Rehab near Dallas

group of men and women in an addiction therapy session discussing ways of finding a meth rehab near Dallas

Methamphetamines—also known as meth—are a Schedule II drug that doctors can legally prescribe, but they are also a common illegal street drug. Meth is a very addictive drug. As a stimulant, it can be used to treat some cases of ADHD. When one becomes addicted to meth, it is usually because they are using much larger doses than they should be, and they cannot control how often or how much they are using.

When you are ready to find a meth rehab near Georgetown, Texas, call on community resources like Texas Health and Human Services1 or a professional treatment center like The Arbor.

Finding a Meth Rehab Near Dallas

Educating yourself about the treatment options near Dallas will help you make the most informed decision possible. Lean on trusted medical professionals, research area treatment centers, and take advantage of state and federal resources to guide you in your decision-making. Consider what kind of treatment experience you seek, either for yourself or a loved one.

Things to consider include:

  • Location – decide if a city location or a rural campus is best for you.
  • Residential versus outpatient – depending on the severity of the addiction and your life responsibilities, one may make more sense than the other.
  • Insurance – be sure to know what is covered and what would be out-of-pocket.
  • Family involvement – know how much or how little your family can be a part of the treatment and recovery process.

Doing thorough research before committing to a professional treatment program is essential.

Signs Of Meth Abuse

There are many signs that can point to meth abuse. The signs are both physical and behavioral. Some can have lasting effects and cause severe damage to their body and vital organs over time. If you notice any of the signs in someone you suspect may be battling a meth addiction, seek professional help as soon as possible.

Signs of meth addiction include:

  • Very large or very small pupils
  • Shakes, tremors, or twitches
  • A lack of balance or equilibrium
  • Excessive hyper energy
  • Extreme changes in weight
  • Noticeable finger burns
  • Deterioration to teeth
  • Track marks from injection sites
  • Paranoia
  • Mood swings
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Anxiety
  • Severe cravings when you know they have tried to stop using the drug

If you or a loved one are struggling with the cycle of meth addiction and displaying any of the above signs, seek out professional addiction treatment right away.

Meth Rehab at The Arbor Near Dallas

Each rehab experience will employ a variety of therapies to craft a customized treatment plan. This holistic approach to treating the entire person is widely practiced at most treatment centers. Once withdrawal from the drug has been completed, therapy can begin.

At The Arbor, the therapeutic focus includes:

The Matrix Model

This involves using a combination of therapies together in a very structured format balanced with regular drug tests. Therapies include behavioral therapies, individual therapy, family therapy, 12-step programming, and aftercare.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This behavioral therapy addresses learned behaviors. It helps to retrain the brain to focus on the positive rather than the negatives that lead to drug use.

Contingency Management

This is an incentive-based approach where clients receive something they desire when they achieve certain treatment and recovery goals.

Contact The Arbor To Learn More About Meth Rehab

The Arbor’s meth addiction treatment program is situated in rural Georgetown, Texas, along the beautiful San Gabriel River. If you are looking for a serene location to receive treatment, focusing on using the area and all it has to offer as a form of treatment, then The Arbor is a great option.

From ridding your body of drugs to crafting a customized treatment plan to engaging in aftercare programs to support your recovery, The Arbor can offer you a continuum of care on your treatment and recovery journey. Call today at 844.413.2690 or contact The Arbor online for guidance on finding a meth rehab near Dallas.

1Texas Health and Human Services – “Mental Health and Substance Use”