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Drug Rehab for Men

man begins treatment at drug rehab center

Rates of drug use and abuse are rising all over the United States and around the world, but there are also increasing numbers of drug addiction treatment centers being opened every year to deal with the growing problem. There are many different types of drug addiction treatment centers, and one of the most successful are drug rehabilitation centers or “drug rehab.” Since men and women have different physical and psychological reasons for starting drug use and abuse as well as different reactions to treatment and even particular life experiences that can make mixed gender treatments less effective, there is drug rehab men available to help men from all walks of life come together to become free of their addictions and learn about the cause of addiction and how to support one another in their efforts to remain drug free. Gender-specific drug rehab is a growing specialty within drug addiction treatment programs. Men and women can both make faster progress when they are surrounded by members of their own gender throughout the drug addiction treatment process. Many men and women face great social conditioning obstacles as to how they believe they should act around the opposite sex, and these social roles can actually hinder their progress at becoming addiction free. Many men and women may even have certain life experiences where they have had great difficulties and even severe traumas that have resulted from their relationships and interactions with the opposite sex in the past, so gender-specific treatment can really be very helpful in removing those obstacles so that each addict is able to make much faster progress by being open to receiving support and feedback from their own gender. In male drug rehab, men receive treatment and therapy from male staff members and they are housed and receive therapy and treatment in the company of other male addicts. Men often have social expectations to perform as members of a team when they are surrounded by other males, and this can actually work towards making the treatments in a male drug rehab more effective. Males bond more quickly with other males and are more receptive to receiving advice and support from other male addicts who are going through exactly the same struggles and issues in their efforts to overcome their drug problem. Many of the activities that are found in various different drug rehabs, such as daily exercise and fitness routines, massage, and even communal meals and group therapy meetings are less distracting when they occur with members of the same gender. The same reasoning also applies to women’s drug rehab, as many women are just like men and can make faster progress at focusing on recovery from addiction when they are surrounded by other females as compared to the progress that they would make in a mixed gender treatment facility. Many of the therapies that are used to help men break free from addiction, such as counseling, group therapy, talk therapy and more are the same as they are in mixed gender and all female rehabs, it’s just that the therapy occurs with other men. This single but important difference does help many men to receive the guidance and support that they need to become drug free.