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Could Your Creativity Change the World?

man and woman discuss project on computer

Are women really more creative than men? Maybe that’s an unfair question, but it does give us the opportunity to talk about women and creativity, which is always a fair topic! Actually, in a recent survey more than half of the female participants described themselves as creative, while less than half of the male respondents considered themselves creative. What men and women respondents did have in common was the expressed desire to spend more time being creative. Being creative shouldn’t be a luxury, says inventor Dominic Wilcox. Wilcox thinks that we all should indulge our creative juices, stating that “Creativity is important because the world has many problems and challenges, and we need a lot more people with creative solutions to solve them. I think that everyone can become more creative and increase their ability to think up new ideas. Creativity is just a particular way of thinking that can be learned and practiced like any other skill.” This sounds like common sense, right? Sadly, the survey showed that many of us stifle our creativity rather than letting it shine through. The majority of respondents (65%) reported that they let seeds of self-doubt kill off any creative streaks before they have a chance to bloom. One-third of survey participants believed that confidence was key in order to be creative, and most people surveyed stated that the fear of failure, as well as other people’s opinions, caused them to keep their inspirations to themselves. That’s a lot of creativity being squashed! What can you do to unleash your creative superpowers in order to enhance your own life and maybe change the world for the better? Here is a great question to ask yourself in order to kickstart your creative juices: If you knew you couldn’t fail, what five fun, creative, inventive things would you do right now? Write down your answers and resolve to give each desire a chance to bloom.

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