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Building The Ultimate Relapse Prevention Plan

man builds relapse prevention plan with therapist

In 2017, U.S. News reported that between 40 to 60 percent of people who’ve been treated for a substance use disorder (SUD) relapse within a year; and despite relapse being an incredibly feared part of recovery, it’s quite common. Relapse occurs when a person reverts back to addictive patterns of behavior, and often serves as a major learning experience for a person to understand what type of events, people, thoughts or feelings influence them to want to use again. If you’re currently at the beginning stages of recovery, don’t be afraid; a strong relapse prevention plan can help you stay on track towards reaching your recovery goals – and if even if relapse does occur, you can still push forward in recovery.

The relapse prevention plan you create will be a collaboration between you and your therapist as well as other members of your healthcare team. There are many components to developing the ultimate relapse prevention plan, such as:

·    Identifying certain people, places, things, or sensations that you already know spark cravings

·    Increasing awareness on the physiological symptoms that occur when cravings emerge, such as: sweaty palms, heart racing, tension, headaches, etc.

·    Recognizing emotions that can be dangerous for relapse, such as anger, anxiety, depression, overconfidence and more

·    Listing people whom you can reach out to if you feel a relapse coming on, as well as identifying places you can go to cool off

·    Creating a ritual of meaningful activities that can set you on a path towards wellness, such as equine therapy, meditation, yoga, etc.

·    Establishing a healthy working system of self-care, such as through healthy eating habits, exercise routines, sleeping patterns and more

If you’re ready to become part of a customized program where your voice will be heard and you’ll be supported in mental, physical and spiritual health, speak with a professional from The Arbor today. It’s never too late to turn your life around.

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