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Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment for Men

man discusses gender-specific treatment for men with therapist

Addiction can happen to anyone and does not discriminate based on age, race, or gender.  There have been various findings, however, that point to differences in the process of addiction recovery for men and women.  Many recovery programs offer gender-specific treatment in which men and women are mostly segregated from each other during group therapy and activities.  There is a great deal of discussion regarding the benefits for women in gender-specific addiction programs, while the benefits for men are often overlooked.  Men also may improve their chances of success and lasting recovery by participating in gender-specific treatment programs.

More Relevant and Focused Treatment

Women experience many consequences of addiction that are specific to their sex, as well as some that are typically associated with traditional gender roles.  For example, women may face the unique obstacles associated with having an addiction during pregnancy and are more likely to be dealing with substance abuse while being the primary caregiver for small children.  When men participate in gender-specific treatment programs, they will only encounter guidance that is relevant to their personal circumstances, rather than spend time discussing pregnancy and motherhood. More importantly, they will be around other men who are more likely to share similar life experiences, and due to social norms, they may feel more comfortable opening and being vulnerable than they would in the presence of women.

Building Community

Gender is a complicated social construct, but the expectations and characteristics enforced on us from a young age based on our sex follow us throughout our lives, affecting our emotional intelligence and communication skills.  These forces often influence the ways in which addiction develops, as well as what tools we have at our disposal in recovery. Separating men and women during treatment can create a more even playing ground, and for men, this can mean being surrounded by peers who are able to meet them where they are at in their personal evolution.  

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