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Benefits of Dating While Sober

couple enjoys sober date

When you or you and your partner are both drunk, it can be hard to get to know each other. If you drink too much that night, you will not even remember what happened from what is supposed to be a romantic night. By being sober on a date, your memory will be clear and your senses will not be limited by alcohol. One benefit of dating while sober is being able to make better judgment calls. Being in control of your thoughts and emotions while give you a clear mind whether or not you are attracted to your date and is worth a second date. Being sober will make it easier to know whether you are a good match for someone. Being drunk will make it hard to know what you are really feeling. Better judgment also means knowing whether or not you are ready for intimacy or any other activities that come with risks. No alcohol will mean you and your partner will be safe. Another benefit of sober dating is having the opportunity to try different things on your date. Back when you were drinking, you probably went to bar after bar which could get boring after a while doing the same thing. When you are sober, you can find new things to do in your area that you would not have been able to do under the influence like hiking, skiing, biking, going to the park, museum, etc. Being alcohol-free will give you all the energy you need to show your date a good time. A third benefit is that you will have more confidence knowing that you are being yourself. Instead of stumbling over your words or doing anything embarrassing, you will be in complete control of yourself and the situation. When you are sober, you will be able to pay more attention to your surroundings and the subtle clues given by your date. You will have a better understanding of whether or not your date is having a good time that you would not be able to notice if you were under the influence. If you are nervous before the date, instead of drinking alcohol to calm the nerves, look at the menu or ask the staff for any food recommendations. By being a sober date, you will have a good time and will be able to get to know each other better than before.

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