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Are You Practicing Self-Care the Wrong Way?

woman practices self-care

Self-care is all the rage right now.  It seems everywhere you turn you will find magazines, social media influencers, and wellness companies urging you to treat yourself.  For some people, the idea of taking time to do something for themselves might be downright uncomfortable. Others, however, may use the concept of self-care as an excuse to behave in irresponsible and selfish ways.  It is important to understand what self-care is, and find ways to incorporate the practice of self-care into your life in a way that respects yourself and others. Self-care may be a trendy topic, but the concept actually stems from the social justice movement.  Social justice activists, especially women and people of color, are responsible for advocating for self-care in professions and roles that require a great deal of providing service to others.  They found that the experience of activism and social work can be incredibly emotionally draining, and taking time to relax and rejuvenate can help maintain motivation and hope. The self-care movement, however, has quickly been commercialized and used to sell products and lifestyles. Unfortunately, those products and lifestyles often include heavy alcohol use, poor nutrition, and lack of ambition.

Numbing Is Not Self-Care

Using the concept of self-care to excuse a bottle of wine every night, or calling into work repeatedly, will inevitably harm yourself and others.  Experts define self-care as being able to listen to your intuition and decide what is best for your body and mind. In other words, binge drinking and avoiding responsibilities are not self-care.  Regularly participating in self-destructive behaviors to cope with stress will only worsen your mental health and can lead to additional obstacles such as addiction. When you are practicing self-care the right way, you will find yourself becoming happier and healthier than ever, as well as more capable of being of service to others.

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