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Adjusting to a Sober Lifestyle

A young woman thinking about her sober lifestyle

Adjusting to a sober lifestyle can be hard. Getting treatment at an accredited treatment facility like the one at The Arbor can set you up for success once you leave treatment and resume your day-to-day life. Programs like sober living ease this transition. Sober living allows you to start living somewhat independently but with support from therapeutic professionals as well as house managers. This continuum of care approach is what sets each person up for recovery success based on their individual needs.

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What Is a Sober Lifestyle?

A sober lifestyle will be very different from the life you used to lead prior to going through treatment for a substance use disorder. Sober living provides a supportive place to make this transition from treatment to a newly sober life. This will better prepare you for what kind of support you will need when you return home or start living independently. You can make adjustments to who you spend time with, what kind of social activities you engage in, and what resources you can have in your sober toolbox to manage triggers that may arise in recovery.

The Arbor offers both men’s and women’s sober living homes for people who have recently finished treatment at a residential program. While the minimum requirement is that they have been sober for at least 30 days, with 90 days of sobriety under their belts, people find the most success in sober living. Prioritizing recovery makes a difference in how successful you are long-term, lessening the risk of relapse.

Sober Living Program in Texas

Sober living provides a unique opportunity to put what you have learned in rehab into practice and do it with an added layer of support and supervision. While each facility’s structure may be slightly different, the goal of each is the same—to help those in recovery adjust to a sober lifestyle.

To reduce the risk of a relapse, accountability sessions are a focus in sober living. It’s all about giving you as many tools as possible to remain sober in any situation where you may be struggling. Being among a house of peers going through the same experience is motivational, supportive, and uplifting. It’s encouraged to remain connected to these peers through alumni programming and 12-step meetings once you leave sober living and begin living your life independently.

In sober living, you can have this continuation of support while getting back to everyday routines that include work, school, and general responsibilities of life. The programs work to empower individuals and keep them focused on the goals of continued sobriety and their independent living.

Sober living at The Arbor offers access to:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Recovery advocacy
  • Alumni programs
  • 12-step meetings

A live-in house manager is there to support residents in addition to therapeutic support that they can receive through The Arbor treatment team. Goal setting, plans for independent living, and life skills are reinforced.

Ask The Arbor About Sober Living

The Arbor’s Austin North location offers sober living through affordable transitional housing. People who have recently completed an addiction treatment program can benefit from sober living to ease the transition from a therapeutic environment to everyday living as a newly sober person. At The Arbor, the sober living experience includes homes that are comfortable, fully furnished, and have access to many amenities. Clients who choose to reside in these sober living homes can attend school, go to work, and then have a temporary home to come home to with the support they feel they may still need as they enter recovery. This support can include alumni programming and 12-step meetings.

Reach out to the team at The Arbor today at 844.413.2690 to find out more about how sober living can help you better adjust to a sober lifestyle.