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4 Things to Do When You Get Home After Inpatient Addiction Treatment

woman returns home to boyfriend after inpatient addiction treatment

During inpatient addiction treatment, you may be away from home for three months or more and a lot can change during that time. You are now sober and you’ve probably been through therapy and had many experiences that have changed your perspective on life. It may feel very strange to come home after all of that. Here are some ways to keep up your momentum when you get home after treatment.

Clean the house.

Ideally, someone will have already gone through your house and removed and alcohol, drugs, or paraphernalia before you get home. You don’t want to find temptations or reminders waiting for you right away. However, it’s usually a good idea to double check while in the presence of someone who can keep you accountable. Better still, give the whole house a thorough cleaning. Addiction isn’t typically conducive to keeping a tidy house, so a good cleaning may be in order. This will make you feel better and make you feel like you’re getting a fresh start, even if you live in the same place.

Start going to meetings.

It’s a good idea to start going to meetings right away. The transition from treatment to regular life is tricky for many people, and sometimes it’s a good idea to step down from inpatient treatment by doing outpatient treatment or staying in a sober living environment for a while, until you can get used to normal life again. However, going to meetings is a good habit to get into right away. It preserves a sense of continuity after leaving treatment and ensures you have some degree of social support right away.

Stick to your recovery plan.

When you leave treatment, you should have a recovery plan in place that includes things like following up with a therapist, going to meetings, making healthy lifestyle changes, and following a self-care program that may involve writing, meditation, prayer, and other activities. These will all give you a sense of continuity after leaving treatment and help you make the transition back to regular life more easily.

Manage your contacts.

One of the most important things to do after recovery is manage who you associate with. Since you’ve been gone for a while, this is the best and easiest time to cut ties with people you used to drink or use drugs with. Definitely don’t associate with your dealer and be sure to delete his or her number from your phone. Don’t resume going anywhere you associate with drugs or alcohol. Instead, start cultivating relationships that will sustain your recovery. 12-step meetings are a great place to start. Make it a point to spend time with anyone who supports your recovery. Try making new friends by getting involved in new activities or by volunteering.

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