• The Arbor Family Program

    Fall Family Program Dates
    Sept 14-17
    Oct 12-15
    Nov 9-12
    Dec 7-10

    The Arbor Family Program is open to the public and designed to aid family members initially along the path of treatment followed by learning to navigate the journey of recovery. Our efforts are to facilitate healing for the entire family and to bring about hope for change. This is done by engaging the family into the treatment process from the beginning and providing support throughout their journey. This is achieved through our family program week, telephone calls, individual family sessions, and referrals.

    Regarding the importance of family participation in the treatment process, experts at The Arbor and throughout the field of addiction agree that addressing the family system as a whole provides the best opportunity for change.

    Specific to family members, unhealthy behavioral patterns used to manage the high levels of fear associated to the addiction are often developed. The ultimate fear is that the loved one is not going to recover from the disease addiction. Common behavioral patterns seen include providing money when being aware that the loved one is going to use the funds either directly or indirectly for problem substances, or never being able to relax in fear that the phone is going to ring with bad news. This creates an unbalanced family system because the addicted individual is pulling a disproportionate share of financial and emotional resources. We want to provide education, support, and strategies to aid in realigning the family. Our experience is that family recovery significantly increases the likelihood that your loved one will achieve long-term recovery.

    You will learn:

    • That you are not alone
    • How addiction is created
    • How to recover from addiction
    • The 3 C’s:
      you didn’t Cause the addiction
      you can’t Control the addiction/addicted person
      you can’t Cure the addiction
    • A common language to share with your loved one
    You will learn how to:

    • Regain self-respect
    • Establish healthier boundaries
    • Identify & effectively express emotions
    • Cope with stress
    • Resolve with anger and resentment
    • Forgive yourself and the addicted individual
    • Be supportive vs. enabling
    • Engage in self-care


    It is not necessary to have a loved one in treatment at The Arbor to be able to participate in our three and a half day intensive program. This opportunity is open to anyone in the community who wants a life changing experience that offers hope and healing to families affected by addiction.

    Individual rate– $600 per person

    Group rate (for families with a client currently in treatment at The Arbor only) – $1,200 (2-4 people)

    For more information, please contact:
    Kay Vossler, LPC, LCDC
    Director of Family Services

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